Stop Light City is a transportation themed playground on the west side of Evansville near Franklin Street. It stretches over 2 acres of land with several different transportation themed playground pieces.
Stop Light City is located at the corner of 11th and Indiana St in Evansville IN.
Yes! All of the gorgeous trees will provide shade in the park and remain standing!
Yes, the park will have public restrooms that are all handicap accessible.
Absolutely! Stop Light City will feature wheel accessible pieces of equipment, bouncy flooring that is stroller and wheelchair friendly, and is also ADA compliant!
Stop Light City is completely dependent on donations from members of this community and private funding!
Many of the large 3-D equipment pieces have been designed specifically for our playground! For example, there will be a toddler race car area complete with car wash and gas station. Under the "Playground Equipment" tab you can read more about the specific playground pieces that will be in Stop Light City, and even take a virtual video tour of Stop Light City!
As of right now, there are no plans to expand the Lloyd Expressway in the location of Stop Light City. Stop Light City will not be affected by the Lloyd Expressway.
Pick up your orders at:
SnickerDoodle Kids Art
2233 W Franklin St
Evansville, Indiana 47712

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