About Us

The Stop Light City Playground Committee was formed in an effort to help raise awareness. We are heading a project to create a state of the art custom transportation themed City playground. This future playground, which we intend to name Stop Light City, will celebrate this community’s rich history of passage. Evansville played a pivotal role in building crafts for both water and air that were used by the US military in past wars. This is one of the reasons why this project is so important to our small organization and the community. The 2-acre park is conveniently located right off the Lloyd Expressway, on the corner of 11th and Indiana, and just steps from the popularly known Fall Festival. The current play structures are underutilized and in dire need of updates. The updates will transform this prime location, and provide increased physical activity and overall improved health. The Committee is beginning to reach out to our local Corporate Leaders in an effort to raise awareness. Our goal is to gain sponsorship, grant funding, reach corporations, civic clubs, and organizations in an effort to raise the funding needed. “We wanna play!” We need your help. Our community deserves a park they can be proud of. The total project will cost $4 million, featuring a variety of transportation themed equipment, and some will even portray some of the contributions our community has made to honor our most generous park sponsors.

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